About me

Hello! I am the mother of 2 restless children. Our close-knit family often moves. In every new house my husband and I face with the problem of providing our children with safety. The kids are too active. They don't stop exploring new spaces, new places and furniture.

Also we have a dog, named Ruby. Our pet is the member of the family, because we love Ruby very much. However, we want to keep the dog and our children, who are always crawling and dragging things into their mouths, separated.

I strongly believe, that household cleanliness and child safety are essential moments for every family. That's why I look up for the solutions for ensuring my children's safety.

My husband and I find out about novelties and various devices, which help parents feel their kids are safe.

In my blog I will tell you about all these useful devices and gadgets, which we are already using in our house: in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the nursery.

I'll be looking for new contraptions, then studying characteristics of the goods and convenience of application. I want to share my thoughts with you, and I'll be glad if these pieces of information are useful for other parents. Children's safety is important!