Video baby monitor

In families, where a baby has just been born, parents have no necessity of constant coming to a cot in order to check if everything's fine.

Earlier parents could rely on such popular devices as the audio baby monitor. And now technique becomes more and more developed, and that allows us not only to hear, but watch a child. This device is a video baby monitor.

Technically, baby monitor consists of two parts, each of them fulfils a certain function: camcorder records the baby and mobile monitor shows the picture and reproduces sounds.

Baby monitor with the video function is convenient for parents who can work, cook, relax or do whatever they need not in the room where a baby sleeps, and keep baby's awakening and actions under control. Being in the next room, they can always come to the child, if he wakes up or starts being capricious.

Here's a list of features, which should be paid attention to, when you buy a video baby monitor:

  • The range varies from 3 to 300 metres, 50 metres might be just enough, if you live in a flat.
  • The amount of communication channels differs – so differs the price of the device.
  • The size of the screen is to be individually chosen. Small screen doesn't show the details, and big one is inconvenient to carry.
  • Autonomy – there are stationary models and those, which work due to battery or accumulator.
  • Manner of attaching parent's part of device – as a bracelet on the hand or on the belt, strap on the neck (or even additional anchorage to the wall).
  • Existence of additional functions – feedback, video recording and making photos, night monitoring, connection to the TV and other devices, activation by voice, function VOX (switching on by voice) and others.

Here's a bit of baby monitor comparison

The type of baby monitor's signal is digital or analogous. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Digital signal guarantees that the picture will be of better quality and the absence of sound interruptions.

Analogous models are sensitive to interferences, which are produced by other electronic equipment. They are less secure from unauthorized connection. But they are much cheaper.

Selection criteria are not wide-ranging. You simply have to decide which are essential to you and for which you are not ready to overpay.

Video baby monitor makes parents' life more tranquil, and allows the baby to stay alone in a separate room, not in parents' bedroom. With the monitor it is possible to watch films, meet relatives and friends.

This kind of equipment for video surveillance after a child will be highly estimated by families with small children.