Safety door stopper

Our family faced with a problem of an open door. There are many doors in a flat and not on all of them a lock may be put. Children constantly travel from one room to another. My baby crawls after his eldest sister and tries to repeat every her action.

Sometimes baby's attention is attracted by the process of opening and closing the door. And here comes the danger! The door may be pushed abruptly and baby's fingers may be pinched in the door.

In order to avoid this kind of accidents you may purchase special contraption, which is very simple. It is called door card stopper and holder or door stop plug. It amortizes the door and doesn't let it to be fully opened or slammed.

Door stop is a plastic attachment to a door leaf. You fix them onto the edge of the door, so it may not be moved.

Check out now! The photos of door stoppers show how simple they are.

By the way, cast-iron stoppers have beautiful and aesthetic design, which resembles a statue or a toy. Such a tiny thing looks elegantly in any interior.

So, I bought two door stops: a frog and a cat. Children liked them, so did I. Firstly, my kids played with them as with the toys, which lasted for a few days. Then, when they lost their interest, the door holders were placed at the place where they had to be.

The function of providing kids' fingers with safety is done pretty well, and I am placid. At least, the slamming door is blocked.