Review of child safety gate

After moving to a new house, the first place, which seemed extremely dangerous for my children was a stairway. What children always want to do is to get higher, coming up step by step.

And that is too risky, because of kids' unsteadiness and existing possibility of rolling down. Moreover, stair railing, through which the kid can squeeze, poses hazard to life too.

That's the reason why the idea of blocking the stairway is good. For its carrying out you have to order and purchase child safety gate for stairway. The object I mean may be called also as safety barrier or child safety fence.

How to choose child barrier for staircase?

I've investigated this type of goods and came to the next conclusion:

Gate differ in price, material, quality, the method of installation and the price, of course.

I had no desire to perforate the wall for mounting the fence, because it would be inconveniently and would entail additional expenditure. So, I decided to buy the pressure-mounted gate, which must be set up without drilling, it doesn't require any tools. It may be easily installed, and whenever you need you can free the doorway without any difficulties.

Firstly, I measured the area, where I wanted to set the gate up. Secondly, I thought which height I had to choose. It had to be more, then kid's. As far as I've got two children, I considered the height of my eldest daughter. The gate higher than 90 cm were perfectly suitable for both kids.

Also, one must pay attention to locks and latches. Children must not reach the latches and open them easily. However, when the children grow high enough and reach them, the locks must be difficult and have a double latch, and be self-closing. The video below shows the latches, which are the best for child safety gate.

The material of gate differs: metal, wood, plastic, aluminum, stainless steel or combined version.

Metal constructions are easy to mount. They hold out kids' influence.

The barrier, made of wood or stainless steel, are highly secure. Natural wood would become a very nice element of decor, if there already are such elements. However, the cost of such things will be high.

Plastic and aluminun will cost less, and it's better to use them as the fence between rooms.

Finally, I've chosen metal safety gate, which are firm enough and have a nice price. Such gate may be set up not only on the stairway, but in the doorways for isolating pets.

I am satisfied with the safety gate I purchased. The function of enclosure is fulfilled perfectly well.