Child safety in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most unsafe rooms in your flat or house. In this placement there is a big amount of household appliances, glassware, cutting objects, boiling water, hot food, which is being cooked on the stove.

Baby kitchen barrier will help you fence the dangerous zone and not let the child to come close to the appliances. However, your kid doesn't always agree to wait for you on the other side. That's why adults take their child in the kitchen with them.

It's very important for parents to follow all the rules to provide their children with safety in the kitchen.

So, I better remind you these simple rules, which are obligatory to be carried out.

When something is being cooked, your baby should stay away from kitchen counter and stove. Use the baby kitchen chair with seatbelts for this purpose. Place the kitchen chair away from perilous objects, but in sight.

Pans and burners stay hot for a long time. Give your child no opportunity to touch these objects. You may install child kitchen protection – baby kitchen barrier, for example, so he or she won't reach the fiery objects.

Safety retainers or holders can be used for stove knobs. These helpful things will give no chance for a kid to crank the knobs.

All condiments, vinegar and matches must be situated in a special drawer with latches (if you didn't know, there are child safety locks for kitchen drawers, which are quite popular). This concerns household chemicals and detergents too.

In general, all drawers, cupboards and even refrigerator should be closed with the help of latches or locks, so that nothing will be taken out and touched by little kids.

If your child has learnt to walk, put the non-slipping coverage on the floor. If you spill something, wipe it immediately.

Usual cable of kitchen appliances must be replaced with coiled cable or shortened, so that it didn't hang down and disturb the kid, when he walks.

Keep all the packages and sacks higher.

Hide away all sharp objects.

Set up shock absorbers on the corners of the furniture and on door panel for the child not to hit himself or have his fingers pinched.

Never leave the kid alone in the kitchen. You must be there when some food is being cooked.

Even in the kitchen you can attract your baby with talking or singing songs. You may give it coloured toy dishes and watch your kid trying to imitate you.

When your child got older, you may trust him washing the dishes, housekeeping, whisking the eggs with an eggbeater(I mean manual one) and so on. Children love such “adult responsibilities” and fulfil them.

Create safe zones for your kids and don't forget about attention and care they need.