Child safety in the bathroom

Hygienic procedures, as well as bathing every evening, are very important for baby's health. Besides, the majority of children love swashing and playing in the bath.

These are the reasons why we, parents, care so much to create the conditions for our children's bathing and presence in the bathroom to be safe and comfortable.

Baby's bathing must occur only under adult's surveillance. Child shouldn't be left alone while taking procedures. Nothing may guarantee safety when baby is alone.

If you have a very important phone call, or somebody is knocking the door, and there are no adults to help you, then wrap your baby into the towel and take with you, don't leave it alone in the bathroom.

If your baby can crawl or walk, it mustn't enter the bathroom. So, you better have the bathroom locked.

However, once the kid will try to explore the forbidden territory. In this case parents have to safeguard their child.

All drawers, which have some hygienic items, cosmetics, detergents or household chemical goods, must have security locks.

There are child safety bathroom locks and latches for this. They easily snap the doorknobs and drawers. Also, there are blockers for toilet lid. Such latches are easy to use for adults, but very difficult to open for kids.

The height of a kid is not enough to use a sink. For this purpose parents purchase a baby bathroom stool, which looks like stairs. It is convenient and necessary.

Quite often the taps and mixers become dangerous. One has to make sure that there are child safety bathroom taps in his house. These safety taps differ.

Some block the opening, some close the access, others have cute nozzles as expanders for washing kid's hands. The stream of water has precise direction, nozzles are made in the forms of plastic toys. The process of washing hands becomes interesting for the kid.

One more problem on the way of achieving security in the bathroom is a slippery and wet floor. Children's bathroom rugs help to avoid falls and bruises. Moreover, there are rugs with suction cup, which are strongly fixed on the floor.

Hairdryers, razors and electrical appliances must be switched off and hidden in the drawers. Safety plugs for sockets must be also set up.

Here I've written about all the things, which will help you to make the bathroom secure. Having these simple devices and the given pieces of advice put into practice, you will not worry about your kid's health.