Child safety gate

The stairs are one of the most dangerous places at home. This subject is unsafe not only for just a possibility of tripping over it, but falling down from the sizeable height.

In order to save the child from getting hurt on a flight of stairs, parents resort to usage of child safety gate, or, to speak plainly, a fence for kids.

Such fence serves as a barrier on kid's way, which stops a child, not letting him enter the dangerous zones, and protects from different injuries.

What do usually parents do in a house? They place the play area on the ground floor and set safety gate for children in front of the stairs, in an aperture, for the child not to go upstairs.

So, what are the demands for these barriers?

  • Child safety gate must be fixed firmly, especially when they are set on the first floor. On the ground floor it may be mounted between the walls (e. g. on the stairs or in the doorway).
  • Choose the sizes of the gate correctly. The safety fence must be higher than the child is.
  • The lock, with which the gate is equipped, must be complicated enough, for the kid not to open it, but for the parent to do it with one hand and quickly (in case of holding child).
  • The safety gate for the stairs must be durable and smooth, without sharp angles and with vertical elements, possible to be opened both left and right.
  • The fence should have environmental-friendly paint, non-toxic, not peeling off.
  • The distance between slats mustn't exceed 10 cm, in order not to let the kid squeeze between the slats.
  • Horizontal slats are not allowable. They may be used as the stairs, due to which the child may climb over the obstacle.
  • Child safety gate must be convenient for adults and be a good barrier for children.

Purchasing child gate, measure the doorway, wherein the fence will be set, study the offers on this topic and characteristics of the goods.

The prices for the gates differ. You may find both cheap gate for children and more expensive. The price depends on the size, materials, the type of the lock and the anchorage.

Wooden gate for children have higher price, match the d├ęcor harmonically and look like the element of the furniture. Such gate may have the same tone as the railing of the stairs.

Should be pointed out that there are lots of dangerous zones in the house. They are not only stairs, but balcony, working electrical appliances, fireplace, glass elements of the interior and so on.

The access to such unsafe places must be banned for kids with the use of safety gates. Set up safe play areas with the help of fences for kids, panels and playpens for staying in fresh air.

See in my next post the review of child safety gate for stairs and closing passages. I'll pay attention to the design, size, material, kitting and price of the production.