Baby kitchen chair

Baby kitchen chair becomes a very convenient and demanded piece of furniture. It is indispensable, when child reaches the age of 6 months and is able to sit on his own.

Dining chair for babies will be required when child is placed on mixed or supplemented diet and starts to eat from a plate using a spoon.

There are currently a lot of various constructions of these items. Of course, all templates of baby high chairs deserve to be carefully considered. However, one may be lost in this enormous diversity.

There is a set of parameters, which must be paid attention to by a buyer. Now, I, as a mummy of two wonderful children, will tell you what exactly must be considered, when purchasing baby kitchen chair.

Basic parameters of choosing baby chair

1. Security. From a safety point of view, chair for babies 6 month plus must definitely be sustainable and have special seat belts. Resilience is achieved due to broad legs of a chair, rubber elements and stoppers in case of wheels. Certificate of quality for children furniture is compulsory.

2. Convenience. It is a complex feature, which includes a couple of parameters and factors:

  • weight – this nuance is more important for folding constructions. Classic baby kitchen chair will weight more, but must be stable;
  • compactness – the possibility of folding and transporting the baby chair;
  • softness of seat – the chair must have gentle textile seat. If there isn't one, it is necessary to buy an additional cover for plastic or wood;
  • position adjustment – good, if you can regulate the height and the rotation angle for back.

3. Durability of the product. This very parameter doesn't depend on material, though wood products are traditionally considered to be more stable than plastic ones. However, modern plastic is of good quality, not worse than wood. That is the reason why the quality of material is essential when purchasing a chair. So, pay attention to this factor.

4. Presence of tabletop. This element allows a child to feel like a grown-up, who has his own table. Ideally, the tabletop is detachable, so you would wash it in a sink or in a dishwasher. Some models are equipped with extra accessories. Expert opinions differ. Some are sure that the pockets for toys, little things and music modules are necessary; some strongly believe in their irrelevance. This means that parents should decide on their own what they'd prefer.

5. Acceptable price of a product. We always want to buy good things without overpay.

Purchasing a baby kitchen chair, pay attention on this set of parameters and characteristics. Then you will have a chair, which will serve you for quite a long time. You and your baby will be pleased with the chair.